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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Credit repair is actually removing items from your report, while credit monitoring is just telling you if your score changes.

Every score is just like people, everyone is different. Depending on what needs to be done in order to repair and how much time is involved will determine the price.

The general rule is 7 years, however, that does not mean that it is automatically removed. You are still required to do the documentation for that process. We offer these services to remove these accounts.

It is important because of the algorithm that is used by creditors to decide on your creditworthiness. Sometimes creditors will choose one and won’t look at the other 3. Or they will choose the lowest score to determine your worthiness.

There is no definite timeline. It is determined by how much work is required to repair or restore what is currently listed on your report. The quickest we’ve seen is 45  days or up to 4 months for minor and major repairs.

Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Act (Title VI of the Consumer Credit Protection Act) protects information collected by consumer reporting agencies such as credit bureaus, medical information companies and tenant screening services. Information in a consumer report cannot be provided to anyone who does not have a purpose specified in the Act. Companies that provide information to consumer reporting agencies also have specific legal obligations, including the duty to investigate disputed information. In addition, users of the information for credit, insurance, or employment purposes must notify the consumer when an adverse action is taken on the basis of such reports. The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act added many provisions to this Act primarily relating to record accuracy and identity theft. The Dodd-Frank Act transferred to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau most of the rulemaking responsibilities added to this Act by the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act and the Credit CARD Act, but the Commission retains all its enforcement authority.

FCRA Protections for All

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