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Our Process

What to expect when you click Get Started Today.

1. Discover

First, we get some basic information to create your individual account.

2. Discovery Emails

You will receive two separate emails. The first email is to provide additional information on yourself called onboarding. The second email is for you to register for and request your credit report.

3. Credit Report Review

Once the report has been requested, I will then be able to download it and begin the review process.

4. Consultation Meeting

A consultation meeting will be set up for either an in-person meeting, telephone call, or virtual meeting to discuss my findings.

5. Recommended Action Plan

If you decide to go ahead with the Credit Repair process, we then work out a plan and expected timeline.

6. Timeline

There is no definite time frame for the repairs to be completed. All repairs require time and patience since there is no quick fix or “easy button”. Every credit repair will have different repair timelines based on the complexity of the issue.